My Mom Wants To Buy A House In Atlanta

My family is originally from the South, but my grandmother decided to move to New England in the 1960s and settle here. It seems like everyone was fine with that until a couple of years ago. My mother went to visit some of her siblings and she came back telling everyone that she was moving to Atlanta in the next few years.

I thought she was just talking, so I did not pay her any mind, but she was serious. Lately, she has been looking at homes in different areas of Atlanta and trying to figure out the best neighborhood to live in. I will gladly help her conduct this search and I will visit her once she moves, but I am not about to relocate to a place just because she had an epiphany when she went to visit once.

One great thing that I noticed is the fact that the houses there cost significantly less than the ones in our area. You can get a nice large home there for the same price as a shoebox-sized condo here. That is probably one of the main reasons that she has decided to make this transition.

Another good thing is the fact that she will not have to deal with these brutal winters any longer. I told her that was a plus, but she needs to focus on parts of Atlanta that are easy to get to using public transit. She does not have a car, so moving to a place that is a little out of the way would not be a wise choice.

Her goal is to move as soon as next year, so I guess I need to really help her start looking. I will miss her, but there is no way she is convincing me to go with her.