Little Known Facts About Atlanta

Located in the Southeast region of the United States, Atlanta is the current capitol of Georgia. For most people today it would be assumed it had always been that way, but the fact is that there were a number of capitols that held the title first. That is just one of many little known facts about this beautiful city.

When it comes to being the capitol, Atlanta is actually the fifth for the state. Others have included Louisville, Augusta, Savannah and Milledgeville. The reasons for the changes range from being political to simply making more sense geographically, but one thing is certain, that is a lot of changes.

Unless you live in the state you probably also do not know the history behind the symbol used to represent its capitol. During the Civil War the city was set ablaze by Union soldiers as part of the war effort. The phoenix, an ancient Egyptian symbol, fits the city perfectly as it represents the city’s rise out of the flames to become great once again.

An odd fact is that there is one word that can be found all over the city. The word Peachtree is in the name of 65 city streets. It is apparent that there is something that the city takes great pride in.

This city also has one of the largest buildings in the world. Besides Chicago and New York it has the next largest skyscraper, towering in at over 1000 feet high. The most unique part about this building is that you can not enter from a sidewalk on the street. Instead all of the entrances are located under ground in the parking garage.

Atlanta also ranks third when it comes to a feat in the business world. They have the third highest number of Fortune 500 businesses in their city. When you compare that with the population they have the highest per capita. This is likely part of the reason that the city is known for luxury and extravagance given all of the wealth that flows in and out.

Every area has their weird facts to boast, and Atlanta is no different. One thing is for sure. Where the city lacks in size and population it makes up for in status with other claims to fame. It is a unique city that stands tall all on its own with its rich and interesting history.