Hiking Trails That You Can Do While You Are In Atlanta

If you are going to Atlanta, and it is on business, you may want to consider a couple outdoor activities to relax your mind. It can be very stressful if you are in offices all day, trying to do your job. You might only be in Atlanta for a week, trying to close a deal, or perhaps you are doing training for a corporation. On the days that you have off, should certainly consider seeing a different side of Atlanta which has to do with the many different hiking trails.

Standing Indian Mountain Hike

This is an area called Standing Indian Mountain and you will go with a professional guide. This is one of the more popular outdoor activities in the Atlanta area. You will not only get to do hiking, but you will also get to sample the different types of wine that are available from the Stonewall Creek Vineyard. This will cost about $200, but it be will be well worth the experience, especially once you get to the highest part of the hike on this Appalachian Trail. You will see many different things including the Smoky Mountains to the south and Nantahala River. It is an excursion into a beautiful area surrounding Atlanta that everyone should experience at least once.

Bertram Trail Hike Plus Wine Tasting

Following the same theme, you can then go on the Bartram Trail Hike which is going to also provide you with a day away from all of the stress of your job. You can experience the foothills, and the exquisite beauty of the Appalachian Mountains on this tour that will take you on the Bertram Trails. You will get to sample wine from the Yonah Mountain Winery which is going to be fantastic, and your hike is going to help you relieve all of the stress that you are under.

Even if you are not traveling to Atlanta on business, and you happen to be going for a vacation, these are two places that you should certainly consider. It’s well worth the time and money that it will cost to do these different hikes and sample some of the best wine in Georgia. If you have never been on the outskirts of Atlanta before, it may astound you as to how beautiful the surrounding environment is. It’s a great way to find out why so many people love the Atlanta area.